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Visualizing the job market in The Netherlands

Most people get up in the morning, go to work, and get home in the evening. This pattern repeats itself for years and years. But do you have any idea about how the industrial sectors compare to each other? Find out via Quaeropus!

The title of this project, Quaeropus, is a combination of the latin words quaero (seeking) and opus (work).

Industrial sectors

Which sectors would you be interested in for comparison?

Select at least two sectors to proceed. The colors that are assigned to your choices will help you navigate the data visualizations and you will be able to change your sectors afterwards.

    Jobs & employees

    Solid lines denote the number of people working in a sector, whereas the dashed line visualizes the amount of filled jobs in that sector. The difference (area) being people with multiple occupations.


    An overview of the average salary per sector, viewable by part-time/full-time and gender. The areas above the lines represent extra salary caused by working overtime.